Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soggy Tuesday

This morning in math we matched the appropriate number sentence with a given word problem. To prepare for this, we worked in small groups writing number sentences on white boards using word problems written on the board. While students worked independently, two small groups met. One used subtraction to identify change due. The other practiced identifying fractions of a set. There is a worksheet for homework tonight.

We began our reading block with a 10 minute work session to complete the planning chart for our next writing piece. Then we shared our charts with the class...this provides an opportunity to talk about our ideas before putting pencil to paper! Then we reviewed breaking words into syllables.

While I met with reading groups the students wrote the rough drafts of their writing pieces, completed a worksheet for chapter 4 of their reading group books and wrote their spelling words, breaking them into syllables.

Reading Groups:
Snow Tigers: We read and discussed chapter 5. For homework they need to read chapter 6 and write one question to bring to reading group tomorrow.

Hornets: We discussed the implication of the white zucchini. Then we began reading chapter 5. For homework the students need to read chapter 5 and write one question to share in group tomorrow.

Hyenas: We read and discussed chapter 5. For homework they need to reread chpater 5 and write a question to ask the group tomorrow.

Following lunch and recess we will visit the book fair and have a class meeting. We will end the day by sahring the conflict and compromise charts the students creatd in small groups yesterday. Then we will compile the charts into 1 class compromise to present to the upper grades and recess assistants.

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