Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome Quarter 4 and TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning in math we solved word problems involving money. Mrs. Arul worked with a small group placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. My small group practiced counting money, particularly quarters.

My reading block began with me talking to the students about their biography research projects. I explained that after MUCH thought, I had not put any feedback on their final copies (the books). The reason? I had provided plenty of feedback on their rough drafts and had one-on-one conferences with most students. They learned a lot through the process of this activity. I didn't have the heart to mark up their final products. Your children much so much effort into these. I am hoping they will keep them forever!!! So...they all get 3's! Please look for your child's book this evening! I promise you will be so proud!

After sharing we discussed the characteristics of the fantasy literary genre. We also read the story Big Bad Bruce as an example of a fantasy book. Following that, the students had a chance to independently browse through fantasy books. We ended with the students sharing which book they read and the elements that made it a fantasty.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we will go to music. After that the students will list what they know and questions they have about plant growth and development--our next science unit.

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