Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a Day!

In math we began reviewing for the unit 1 assessment. The students worked on a review packet, in class. If they did not complete it, they need to do so for homework. We will correct the review packet together, in class, tomorrow.

In reading we began reading the story George Washington's Birthday with the purpose of finding out what George Washington ate for breakfast. With this in mind, the students worked on a chart listing important information and interesting facts. Then the students worked independently on reading group assignments, their personal narratives, writing the capital letters A, D and O in cursive, a punctuation worksheet and other unfinished work. I met with reading groups...this is where the frustration began.

Parents--PLEASE, please help me out! review your child's assignments in their home folder, their binder and their RRJ...many students are continuing to make the same errors. Discuss the importance of using the feedback I provide to improve.

Also, please encourage your children to bring their materials to school everyday. I have students coming to class without reading books and RRJs and then not doing assignments. If they come to class without their materials, they need to let me know...I will make sure they can still complete their work. There is no excuse for being here and not getting work done.

Red: The students wrote about the surprise in the Wednesday Surprise prior to coming to group. When we got to group, we reread the story and then discussed the surprise. While this group is strong in decoding text, we are still working on comprehension. None of the children realized the surprise was grandma learning to read.

Green: Reread Charlie's Great Race and marked the problem and solution with sticky notes. Then they went back to their seats and wrote about the plot in their RRJ.

Blue: The students were supposed to write about the plot of A Second Chance in their RRJ prior to coming to group. We discussed this in group.

Following lunch, recess and PE the students will conduct a chromatography experiment using Skittles.

Remember that spelling is due Friday and the book report is due Tuesday...that is why I didn't give reading group assignment for homework tonight.

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