Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunshine! YES!

So nice to have a sunny day!

In math we took our data from the class pictograph and showed it on a bar graph. Then the students constructed a bar graph using the data we gathered about favorite ice cream flavors. While they worked independently I met with two groups. One group practice solving subtraction with regrouping problems. The other worked on numeric patterns and using hundreds blocks to solve addition with regrouping problems. There is a bar graph worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

In reading we continued using the book Race to the South Pole to identify examples of cause and effect in non-fiction text. The we used sentences and fragments from the book to identify the difference between a complete and an incomplete sentence.

While I met with reading groups the students completed their planning sheet for their next personal narrative. They also read three pages in Race to the South Pole and identified two examples, from those pages, of cause and effect on a worksheet. Then they completed any unfinished work, corrected spelling in their RRJ and read silently.

Reading Groups:

Red: We tried to discuss the plot of Talk About a Family and the author's message. While the group did a fine job decoding this book and responding to literal questions, the inferential was a challenge. SO, after our conversation faltered, I told them about the plot and author's message. Tonight they need to write about the plot in their RRJ.

Green: We practiced high frequency words on white boards. Then we read and discussed Tornadoes. Tonight they need to reread the book and mark the problem and solution with sticky notes (they were given these in group).

Blue: They were given a new book called My Two Families. For homework they need to preview the book and list unknown words on the sticky note.

Following lunch and recess the children will visit the media center. Then we will review the concept of interdependence. Finally, the students will choose a community worker and make a web illustrating the worker's interdependence.

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