Monday, October 4, 2010


Rainy Mondays can be difficult, don't you think? Luckily, we have had a very productive day so far!

In math we continued using rounding to estimate the answers to word problems. There is a worksheet practicing this skills for homework. I was able to meet with two small groups this morning. One group practiced identifying the rule to a numeric pattern and using that rule to extend the pattern. The other group worked on solving 3 digit subtraction problems that required regrouping.

In reading we are transitioning from realistic fiction to non-fiction text. Today we used the book Life in the Coral Reef to identify the information we gain from text features. The students watched me modeling charting the text feature, information gained from it and connections we can make to our knowledge. Then they used the same book to chart 5 text features in their RRJ. They worked on this while I met with small groups. Just prior to meeting with small groups, the students took a diagnostic spelling test using high frequency words. We didn't finish today and will continue with it tomorrow. I will use the data from these tests to determine words that our class will study and learn to spell.

Reading groups:

Blue: Practiced writing and reading the words; afraid, splash, around and heard. Then we read and discussed the book Snorkeling. For homework they need to answer questions #2 and 3 in their RRJ. The questions are listed on the back cover of their book. I modeled the appropriate way to answer the question, in a complete sentence, in their RRJ.

Green: We practiced reading and writing the words; thought, except, and special. Then we discussed the problem and solution in their book...they marked this for homework, using stickies, many days ago. Tonight they need to write about the plot in their RRJ. We practiced talking about the plot in group today.

Red: We shared the fact that the father was moving in group...this was homework from several days ago. Then we continued reading the story. Tonight they need to read pages 51-55 and write, in their RRJ, about what Genny and Mr. Parker discussed.

Following lunch, indoor recess and art, we will listen to the story The Big Green Pocketbook and identify workers and the goods/services they provide.

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