Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hump Day!

In math we reviewed the essential elements of a good graph (title, labels, scale, key, etc.). Then the students created a pictograph of the class' favorite ice cream flavors using data we gathered in class. While they worked on their graphs I met with two small groups. One group practiced identifying the rule to a numeric pattern and using that rule to extend the pattern. The other group used base ten blocks to understand the regrouping that is necessary to solve some subtraction problems. There is a word problem worksheet for homework.

We began reading by reviewing cause and effect using the homework worksheet from last night. Then we started to read the non-fiction text Race to the South Pole and identify examples of cause and effect from the text. After that we shared examples of experiences we had that involved a lively scene...examples included Toys R Us, Bowling, Magic Quest, Snowboarding...the students will use this to choose a topic for their next personal narrative.

While I worked with reading groups the students worked independently on choosing a new topic and planning out a new writing piece. They also practiced writing the letters, o, q and c in cursive. If they finished early, they worked on any additional unfinished work, corrected spelling in their RRJ and read quietly.

Reading Groups:

Blue: Practiced writing and reading high frequency words on white boards. Then read the book called Snorkeling, working on fluency. For homework they need to read the entire book and get a signature in their planner.

Green: We reviewed their lists of unknown words from homework and began reading Tornadoes. For homework they need to read the entire book and get a parent signature in their planner.

Red: Due to a "talk" from Mrs. Howard about next weeks Homeless Walk, we did not meet.

Following lunch and recess the class will go to art. We will end the day by identifying examples of interdependence using community workers from The Big Green Pocketbook.

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