Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Report Due Day - Tuesday

This morning, in math, we began unit 2 which covers linear measurement. The students began by looking over a variety of different rulers. The purpose was to notice that some rulers begin at the edge of the ruler, while others have a zero hash mark. I also wanted the students to notice that inches are larger than centimeters and that some rules label the metric side using millimeters instead of centimeters. Tonight there is a worksheet that practices converting inches to feet and comparing measurements in inches to feet.

In reading we used sticky notes to identify the 5 most important key words in a National Geographic magazine article. The purpose was for the students to practice picking out important words in text to prepare us for stating the main idea. After that the children worked independently on their descriptive costume paragraph, a main idea worksheet and writing the upper case letters I and J in cursive. I met with two reading groups.

***PLEASE note: due to book reports, I will be unable to meet with all reading groups each day. I am trying my best to balance the continuation of academic instruction with the presentation of book reports. I failed today! :-( Only 1 person presented their book report!***

Reading Groups:
Blue: Practiced reading and writing high frequency words on white boards. Read the first section of their book and verbally identified the main idea.

Green: Practiced high frequency words on white boards. Read the first page of their book and verbally practiced identifying the main idea.

ALL reading students have a main idea worksheet to complete for homework.

Additionally, all reading group students received a new spelling worksheet...it is due Friday, November 5.

Following lunch and recess the students went to the computer lab and practiced their typing skills using Type to Learn.

When we return to class we will observe the outside of the front of the building and list everything we see. We will use this list to categorize the physical and human characteristics in our community.

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