Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump Day

In math today we used data tables (charts) to answer questions. There is a worksheet that is similar to the classwork for homework. We will have a quiz tomorrow since there isn't school on Friday. My small group today worked on using base ten blocks and white boards to solve 3 digit with regrouping addition problems.

In reading we returned to the book Race to the South Pole and used a Venn Diagram to identify similarities and differences between the two explorers in the book. Then I modeled how to write a good paragraph comparing and contrasting two subjects, in this case, the explorers. After that we discussed and identified the correct usage of commas in the date, an address and lists in a sentence.

While I met with reading groups the students wrote a paragraph comparing and contrasting frogs and toads (based on text provided for them), practiced using commas in a series and practiced writing n, m and v in cursive. If they finished early they did the usual; worked on unfinished work, corrected spelling in their writing and added words to their Words to Learn list and read.

Reading Groups:

Red: We discussed the problem and solution in their story based on their homework. Then the students wrote about the problem and solution in their RRJ, independently.

Blue: We practiced writing high frequency words on white boards and reread their book.

Green: We reviewed their homework from last night. Then we discussed the author's message, whether the title was appropriate and what we thought the character might do in the future.

I did not assign any groups reading homework for this evening. I wanted to give the children time to work on their spelling homework and their book report.

Following lunch, the homeless walk, and recess, the students went to PE. After that, we will use a process called chromatography to separate the pigments in ink pens.

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