Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump Day

This morning, in math, the students practiced measuring to the inch and half inch using non standard (strips of paper) and standard (rulers) tools. While they worked independently I met with each student and observed them measure using a ruler. I will use this data to organize future small group instruction. There is a half sheet worksheet for homework that focuses on choosing the appropriate unit for measurement.

In reading we used sticky notes to identify key words in the article Kaboom. Then we used these key words to construct a sentence stating the main idea. The students are still struggling with this concept. Therefore, we will continue working on it.

While I met with one reading group, the other students continued working on their descriptive paragraphs, a main idea worksheet and reading an article and marking key words with sticky notes.

Red reading group: worked on writing and reading words with ce and ci...and learned the rule, "i before e except after c". Then we read sections of text in their book and identified the main idea, orally. We also answered comprehension questions, orally, and located the portion of the text that included the answer.

After that, more students shared their paper bag book reports. We will continue sharing tomorrow.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students will go to PE. After that, we will use our observations from yesterday to identify human and physical geographic characteristics in our community.

There is no reading homework might be a good night to work on the spelling homework that is due next Friday,November 5.

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