Monday, October 11, 2010


This entry is an explanation of a new spelling system that we will be starting this week.

Beginning tomorrow...

Each student will have a WORDS TO LEARN worksheet in the writing section of their binder. This sheet is expected to be the FIRST page in the writing section. Students will be responsible, during class, for making sure any word that is spelled incorrectly in their RRJ or their writing, be corrected and then added to this list. This should be an ongoing list that grows throughout the year. Students can obtain new, blank sheets from me. It is the students responsibility to get new sheets when the old ones are filled up.

Additionally, we will be starting a new, two week spelling cycle. On the first day of the cycle (usually a Monday but sometimes, like this week, a Tuesday) the students will get a two sided worksheet that includes their spelling words and homework assignments. The words will include 8 that are pre-printed on the worksheet and fit the focus of the spelling cycle. Additionally, the students will add two class words that have been provided, to the entire class, by me. Finally, each student will add two words from their own WORDS TO LEARN list. The children need to learn how to spell all 12 words and will be tested, in class, on the Friday that the homework sheet is due.

Homework sheet/Activities: Students need to write the 8 pre-printed words and the 2 class words (not their individual words) in ABC order. They also need to use each of the pre-printed words in a sentence, in the sentences portion of the worksheet (this is on the front and back). In the BONUS section they need to use their 2 MY WORDS words in a sentence, each. In the middle section, on the back, the students need to write the pre-printed words on the line that has the correct spelling pattern.

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