Monday, October 18, 2010

Marvelous Monday

This morning, in math, we began learning some fourth grade statistics. We took data and plotted it on a line plot. Then we used the data to identify information we could gain from the line plot and to calculate the mode (most common data point), the median (middle data point) and the range (highest data point - lowest data point). For homework the students have a subtraction worksheet. Tomorrow they will practice plotting data on line plots and calculating the mode, median and range in class. After that, they will be ready to work on it at home! :-)

We began reading by discussing the fact that good readers typically have questions in their minds, as they read, that help them to focus on and comprehend non fiction text. Then we practiced identifying the questions we had i our minds before, during and after reading the book called Polar Bears. We charted our questions in our RRJ.

After that we discussed the uses of apostrophes...specifically, using them to show possession. We spent time determining which nouns were plural and which were possessive, when examples were provided.

Then I finished conferencing with individual students on their writing pieces while the rest of the class continued identifying questions during and after their reading of Polar Bears. They also continued working on their writing pieces and using apostrophes in contractions and to show possession. We will resume reading groups tomorrow with new books for each group.

PLEASE review the work that comes home regularly. I have several students who continuously "finish early" because they do not complete the entire assignment or fail to follow the directions.

Following lunch and recess the students will go to art. When they return we will conduct chromatography experiments using different ink colors.

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