Friday, October 22, 2010


The children have had a brain draining morning!

They began by taking the unit 1 assessment in math. About half of the class completed it today. Those who didn't will be given the chance to finish it on Monday.

Then, in reading, the students took a spelling/written dictation test. After that I explained to the children that we have been working on identifying important information in text and that we will be moving on to identifying the main idea in text. From there, in a couple of weeks, we will begin to summarize text.

With that in mind, we began reading a book called From Father to Son and listing the "key words" on chart paper. We will finish this on Monday. Then we will look at the words and use them to formulate the main idea of the book.

Since the students were clearly drained by this point, there only new piece of independent work was to preview their new reading groups books and to chart, in their RRJ, a list of unknown words and a list of contractions. After that they needed to complete ALL unfinished work (including their personal narrative) and correct their spelling.

I didn't meet with individual reading groups for the sole reason that the students were SPENT!!!! I did meet with several students individually to conference on writing or other pieces of work.

Following lunch and recess the students will go to music. I had planned to finish the day with a social studies assessment...we'll see how that goes!!

Have a great weekend!

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