Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, in math, we constructed a double bar graph and used it to answer questions. Then the students worked independently on a double bar graph worksheet and constructing a single bar graph when the scale needed to be something other than counting by ones. I worked with a small group reviewing addition with regrouping using base ten blocks and whiteboards. There is a graphing worksheet for homework.

We spent a long time at the beginning of reading setting up our first spelling exploration. There is a lengthy explanation that I posted yesterday on the blog if you or your child has any questions. After the spelling expectations were established we reviewed common and proper nouns.

While I met with reading groups, students worked on a compare/contrast worksheet, a noun worksheet and writing a rough draft using their story board from last week.

Reading Groups:
Green: We practiced writing words that follow the ce/ci rule. Then we shared their lists of unknown words. We also read chapter 1 and identified the main idea. For homework they need to reread the entire book and identify the main idea for each chapter in their RRJ...they can make a chart or write a paragraph...whatever makes the most sense to them!

Blue: We practiced writing high frequency words on white boards. Then we reviewed the problem and solution in the book using the sticky notes from homework to guide our discussion. For homework they need to write a paragraph about the problem and solution in their RRJ.

Red: We reviewed their list of unknown words and began reading the book. For homework they need to reread the entire book and mark the problem and solution with the sticky notes that were provided in class.

This afternoon we will watch a video about economics and review the various kinds of markets. We will also attempt to play a career guessing game where the clues will involve using economics terms.

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