Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Hour Delay

We got off to a late start today due to the weather overnight!

Therefore, we began our day with a lesson from our media specialist, Mrs. Rose. SHe began modeling a travel brochure that she is creating via research for the state of Maryland. Later this month, each third grade student will put their social studies and research skills to use by learning about a state and creating a brochure for it.

After that, the students ate lunch. Then they participated in their first practice session for the MSA reading test. After taking the test in a test-like atmosphere, we reviewed each test item and discussed various test taking strategies.

One strategy I spent a lot of time going over was choosing the correct answer in a multiple choice question. I shared the idea that each item would have a distractor...a choice that is the most often chosen WRONG answer. We discussed the distractors in the questions on our practice test. I also nagged the students about reading ALL of their choices BEFORE choosing one.

Finally, it was time for Fun Friday, for those who earned it!

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