Thursday, January 28, 2010


This morning, after our math warm up, the students went to the computer lab to do some baseline testing for FASTT math. FASTT math is a computer program, that our school purchased, that helps students memorize the basic facts. Beginning on Monday, the students will spend 15 minutes of math, daily, working with FASTT math to memorize the basic facts. When we returned to the classroom we reviewed last night's homework. There is no math homework tonight. We will not have math tomorrow since we will be participating in a practice MSA testing session.

We began reading by reading and discussing the way the author depicts the mood in The Old Woman Who Named Things. After that, I reviewed the persuasive writing I had modeled for the children this week. Then the students continued highlighting important facts in the climate and geography articles for their state. After that they wrote the highlighted information on their graphic organizer. Next they will begin writing persuasive paragraphs about their state's climate and geography.

Following music, lunch and recess I will be working with individual students to assess their reading abilities while the rest of the class continues working on their travel brochures.

At the end of the day Mrs. Howard will visit to do a friendship lesson with our class.

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