Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day!!!

Yesterday was a hectic, chaotic day. So, it is so great to know we are halfway through the week!!!

Just want to take a minute to share an anecdote with you, the readers...

This morning for morning work, the students wrote what they thought the most difficult part of being a teacher was....many said dealing with the kids. This is actually NOT the truth!!! One student said fitting everything into our schedule and another said keeping students focused. YES!!!! These two students were correct...dealing with the children are the BEST part of the job...they make the day fun...and often, funny!!!

In math we took the unit 3 assessment...I have lots of scoring ahead of me! :-)

In reading we discussed what a sentence is. We learned that sentences need a subject and a predicate and that predicates need a verb. The predicate is what happens and without the "what happens" there is no sentence. I also introduced a sentence tree map to model writing complete sentences.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students will work independently on completing their writing assignments, completing analogies and identifying plural nouns. I will meet with reading groups.

Bears: We practiced writing high frequency words. We also continued reading Alfie's Gift. Tonight they need to reread paged 6-9 and, using our sentence tree, write two sentences in their RRJ.

Tigers: We reviewed unknown words from their homework last night. Then we began reading the story. For homework they need to reread up to the post-it note and answer the question in their RRJ.

Lions: WE shared the questions they wrote for homework last night and reviewed the sentences they wrote in their RRJ during independent work time, in class, today. Tonight they need to reread the story and write about a connection they can make in their Monster packet.

We finished the day with the children answering a BCR in their sound packet.

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