Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day

This morning in math we reviewed factors and multiples and then continued our investigation of Hands on Equations. For homework, students need to complete the bottom of a worksheet we started in class. WE will begin reviewing for the unit 3 assessment, in class, tomorrow. The assessment will be given next week.

In reading we finished reading the National Geographic article that we began yesterday. WE also identified facts from the article and created opinion to go with those facts. Then we took time to review the writing process, in general, and to specifically go over the expectations of a peer conference.

After that I conferenced with several students on their writing while the rest of the class worked independently on their writing, fact or opinion and proper noun assignments.

Following PE, lunch and outdoor(!) recess, the students will continue to work independently while I meet with reading groups.

Bears: Practiced writing high frequency words. Began reading and discussing Hare and the Tortoise. For homework, they need to reread the entire book!

Tigers: We reviewed their homework assignments from last night and discussed ways to improve them. The students then had a chance to revise their answers and we shared their "before" and "after". They have another RRJ response to complete tonight.

Lions: We briefly discussed their final answer to the focus question. Then we did a prereading activity for our next story by discussing a person who helped us learn something new.

We will end the day by investigating pitch and vibrations made by a ruler at different lengths.

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