Monday, January 4, 2010

And we're BACK!!!!

It seems like it has been a year since I last saw these kids...and I guess it has! ;-)

In math we practiced solving word problems using multiplication and division. FOr homework there is a basic fact division worksheet.

In reading we reveiwed the elements of a summary for a fictional piece of text...they were similar to those for nonfiction but mentioned including the names of main characters and identificatiojn of the problem and solution. Additionally, we reviewed the characteristics of folktales before reading the African tale, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess, the students will work independently on completeing their research based informational writing pieces, searching for words with the -aw spelling pattern and other reading group assignments. I will meet with reading groups.

Bears: We will practice writing high rfrequency words on white boards. We will also review the prefixes un- and re-. Finally, we will reread Honeybees.

Tigers: We will also practice writing high frequency words. We will review suffixes and reread Alex Lee.

Lions: The students will reread The Man Whose Traced was Tricks and review the passages they marked as tricky. We will meet in group to share these passages and discuss the students' thinking as they marked them.

We will end the day by watching a video clip from United Streaming about sound with Mr. Vogel's class.

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