Friday, January 22, 2010


In math today we learned about different types of angles and different types of lines. These included a right angle, an acute angle (smaller than a right angle, an obtuse angle (larger than a right angle, intersecting lines, parallel lines (lines that never intersect) and perpendicular lines (lines that intersect and form a right angle.)

We began reading with the students choosing the state they are going to research and for which they will create a travel brochure. Then the students got into small groups and taught the other members of the group the meaning of the words they learned yesterday.

Before going to the computer lab to begin their research, the students got a chance to use thesauruses to look up words they can use in their writing instead of commonly overused words.

Following lunch and indoor recess I will meet with reading groups while the students finish their third writing piece and any other work from this week.

Bears: Will respond in writing to a comprehension question about Alfie's Gift.

Tigers: Will continue reading The Fortune-Teller and retelling, in their own words, what they just read.

Lions: Will review vocabulary words from The Monster who Grew Small...plunged, devour and concealed.

We will end the day by reviewing vocabulary that relates to our sound unit and beginning to make slide whistles. Then those who earned it will enjoy Fun Friday!

Remember, the students DO NOT have school on Monday. It is a teacher work day! Yey for them...Boo for me!

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