Thursday, January 21, 2010


I gave students about 20 minutes at the beginning of math to complete the unit 3 assessment. After that, we jumped right into unit 4...Geometry!!! Today we did a lot of note taking because this unit is heavy in the vocabulary department! I also gave students a vocabulary packet to keep in the math section of their binder. I would encourage you to review it with your child every night or every other night to make sure they are familiar with the terms. Tonight's homework is a multiplication practice worksheet wince we did not cover enough vocabulary to complete the planned assignment.

On to reading...tomorrow the students will begin their research for their state travel brochures with Mrs. Rose, our media specialist. In preparation for that, we worked in small groups to become "experts" for various vocabulary words that the students will encounter in their research. The students were assigned two words that they had to look up in the dictionary, write the definition, draw a picture and use the word in a sentence. They worked with three other students to do this. Next, they will get into new groups and teach the other members of their new group what their two words mean. The words included; elevation, drought, exceed, humid/humidity, precipitation, occurrence, varies (vary) and average.

Following music, lunch and recess they will continue working on their third writing piece, analogies and plural nouns. They will also meet in reading groups with me!

Bears: Some students worked on their writing pieces. Others worked on writing high frequency words and reading fluency.

Tigers: Worked on reading sections of the text and retelling what happened in that section. Tonight they need to reread the book to an adult in order to improve fluency.

Lions:Reviewed last night's homework and discussed ways to improve responses. Tonight they need to revise their responses.

We will end the day by reading a Scholastic News article about the disaster in Haiti and discussing point-of-view as it relates to media outlets and culture.

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