Thursday, January 7, 2010


In math we worked on solving two and three digit multiplication problems, such as, 57 x 4 and 123 x 4, when regrouping is needed. We also worked on writing word problems to math a given multiplication sentence. Students need to remember to:
Give information, Ask a question and use equal groups. We worked on a worksheet in class and it needs to be completed for homework. We will not meet in math class tomorrow. PLEASE leave tonight's homework in your child's binder until Monday.

Tomorrow we will be doing a practice MSA session during our regular math time.

We began reading by sorting our -aw words according to the sound made by the -aw. We discovered that -aw usually blends together to make one sound but sometimes the a and the w make their own sound. After that the students chose 10 -aw words and wrote them in their word study journal and their planner for this week and next week. Then they continued working on their third informational writing piece. I had a chance to conference with many students on their graphic organizers.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess in the gym, the students will continue working on their new writing pieces. I will meet with small groups.

Bears: We finished reading Town Mouse and Country Mouse. Then the students worked independently on a vocabulary activity.

Tigers: We reread the fable and discussed cause and effect. Then the students wrote about the cause and effect in their RRJ.

Lions: Worked independently to write a summary of The Man Whose Trade was Tricks.

All students have to complete a word study assignment tonight!

We will end the day by observing sound as it is produced by rulers.

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