Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tomorrow is Grandparent's Day and Thanksgiving the next...so, we are busy tying up loose ends and having some fun while we learn!

In math we continued identifying the area and perimeter of figures. We also shared the rest of our small group activities. There is a worksheet for homework and the students are expected to identify BOTH the perimeter and area.

We began reading by reviewing the characteristics that summaries should include. Then we used our note taking chart, from yesterday, to write a summary. After that we discussed our I Wonder lists and how to choose a topic (for our next writing assignment) from these lists. After that, we went to the computer lab to continue publishing our writing.

Following lunch and indoor recess, in the gym, the students worked on the final copy of their writing pieces, they began choosing a topic for their next piece and they added words to their personal dictionaries while I met with small groups.

Bears: We continued reading Zoo Vets.

Tigers: We continued reading Deserts and answering true/false questions (orally) and finding evidence in the book to support our answer.

Lions: We shared passages in the story that we felt were fair and unfair and discussed those passages. We had a blast with our discussions...ask your child!

We ended the day by working on a Caring project, for the Senior Center, with Mrs. Howard.

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