Friday, November 20, 2009


We have been working hard all week and I think I can speak for the entire class when I say that we are ready for the weekend!!!

In math we took our second quiz for unit 2. I saw lots of improvement! YEY! This is a short unit. So, we will be taking the assessment after Thanksgiving Break.

We spent our whole group reading time discussing the requirements for a summary and then putting them to good use! :-) Summaries should ...
1. tell the main idea
2. be brief and to the point
3. reflect only what is in the passage
4. use vocabulary specific to the topic
5. be written in your own words
6. be in a logical order

After discussing each requirement individually, I introduced a two column note-taking strategy that helps focus on the main ideas. Then we read a selection of text and completed the two column chart. Finally, we used the chart to write a summary. We will spend more time using this method next week.

Following going to the media center, lunch and recess the students will meet in small groups and finish up any work from the is "finish up Friday", right?!?!?

Bears: Did some word work in preparation for a new book on Monday.

Tigers: Did some word work in preparation for a new book on Monday.

Lions: Shared questions that they wrote as they read Ooka and the Honest Thief.

Prior to going outside for Fun Friday we will discuss the geographical observations that the children completed for homework last night.

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