Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day

This morning in math we practiced measuring to the nearest 1/2 inch. I also met with a small group to continue practicing 3 digit subtraction. There is a measurement worksheet for homework tonight. It will not be collected until Friday because we will not have math tomorrow due to a weather assembly.

In reading we read an article called Sea Slugs in our current National Geographic magazine. We used the following questions to guide us to the main idea of the article:
What is the overall topic?
What important details are included?
How are the details related ? ( I think this is the BIGGIE!)
What is the author trying to say?

After that, we discussed the importance of choosing interesting topics and using great ideas in our writing. WE also shared catchy topic sentences.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students will work on identifying nouns on a worksheet, adding topics to their informational writing topic list and reading about those topics, practicing the capital H, K, and X in cursive and any unfinished work, while I meet with small groups.

Bears: We will review their list of unknown words and read through their book. Tonight they will identify words will suffixes.

Tigers: We will wrap up Wednesday Surprise and practice vocabulary for their new book Giraffes. We will also discuss the function of various text features in this book. Tonight they will write three questions (for the reading group to answer) that can be answered using text features in their book.

Lions: We will begin our first Junior Great Books (JGB) story. We will do a text opener and a first reading in class. Tonight they will reread the story and list questions they are wondering about.

We will end the day with a visitor from the Lion's Club. They will be giving each third grade student a dictionary!

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