Thursday, November 5, 2009


This morning, instead of math, we went to a weather assembly that was sponsored by Channel 7 and conducted by Adam Caskey. I thought it was cool and learned a lot!!! Ask your child about it!

In reading we read Angela from the Arctic and used our background knowledge to make connections and deepen our understanding of the text. Then I modeled making a graphic organizer for our informational writing piece which must be multi-paragraphed. I took my topic, running, and broke it down into smaller components such as, equipment, training and racing. Then I wrote details for each of the three sub-groups. For example, for equipment I wrote, GPS, Ipod, good shoes and clothing.

Following music, lunch and recess I will meet with reading groups while the children create their own graphic organizer and write a thank you not to the Rotary Club for he dictionaries they received yesterday.

Bears: We will share their words with suffixes and finish reading the book. If time permits, we will begin identifying the main idea in different sections of the book.

Tigers: We will review their lists of unknown words and begin reading the book.

Lions: We will do a first reading of The Fisherman and his Wife. Tonight they will reread it and list questions they are wondering about.

We will end the day by observing the geographic characteristics that we see out of the front window of our school.

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