Monday, November 23, 2009


In math this morning the students worked in small groups to solve a problem involving area using a method and manipulatives of their choice. This gave them the opportunity to take the skills they have learned and apply them to a new situation. All groups were successful! It also gave me a chance to work with a few students one-on-one. There is a worksheet for homework.

We began reading by reviewing the characteristics needed for a good summary. Then the students worked in small groups to create a two column note-taking chart for the second section of the book In the Deep. After working in groups, the students used their results to help me develop a two column chart. We will use this chart to write a summary tomorrow.

Following art, lunch and recess the students will work on the final draft of their writing piece. They will also continue to add to their I Wonder list. Additionally, the will practice forming the capital letters P, R and B in cursive.

I will meet with small groups, as will Mrs. Hepner.

bears: Practiced writing high frequency words on white boards. Read pages 3-6 out loud and discussed answered questions about the text orally. Tonight for homework they need to reread pages 3-6.

Tigers: Began reading Deserts and discussing the use of text features. Tonight they will need to reread pages 4-7.

lions: Continued sharing questions for Ooka. Then picked a keeper question. After that the students began their second reading of Ooka marking places with a U where they felt Ooka was unfair and an F if they felt Ooka was fair. They need to finish this at home. There was NOT enough time to do this well in me!

We are ending the day by watching a video clip on opportunity cost and writing about it in our social studies journals.

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