Monday, November 16, 2009


Thankfully we are back to gets challenging when our days are interrupted!!

In math we continued renaming units in inches, feet and yards. We also began identifying the area and perimeter of shapes. Area is when we count the squares inside the figure and label it with squared units ( cm sq., in sq, etc.). The perimeter is when we calculate around the outside of the figure. For homework the students need to complete a worksheet that we started in class.

We began reading by previewing the book Life on the African Savannah. Then we wrote questions that we had about the book. After that, we read the book and located answers to our questions. Because this information answered questions we had, it became "important information".

For our writing mini-lesson we discussed using words in our writing that pertained to our chosen topic. Prior to peer conferencing students were to highlight at least 5 words that were specific to their topic, in their writing piece.

After that I introduced two pieces of independent work that the students will complete during the week. These worksheets are NOT homework but they will be kept in the front of their binder until they are completed. One was a cursive handwriting paper (capital u, v and Y). The other was a noun paper...identifying common and proper nouns.

Following art, lunch and recess the students worked on peer conferencing and the other pieces of independent work while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We reviewed some vocabulary from the book and wrote questions to guide us to important information within the book. Tonight they need to identify words from the book with s, ly, and ing endings.

Tigers: Began new book...practiced writing and reading vocabulary from book and wrote questions to help identify important information from our reading. We were able to read the first page in the book and actually answer one of our questions. Tonight they need to read pages 1-6 and write 5 common and 5 proper nouns on the chart in their RRJ.

Lions: Began discussing why the fisherman did has his wife told him even though he didn't want to. Great discussion...we will finish tomorrow! Tonight they need to complete the Wish List chart in their RRJ with at least 5 wishes for each category (to have, to do, to be).

We ended the day by reviewing geographic characteristics; human and physical. Then we identified characteristics we wanted to count as we observed out a window in the school. We set up our chart and will hopefully have time to do the observation and the tallying tomorrow.

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