Monday, November 9, 2009


I look forward to meeting with all of you this week at our parent conference. Keep in mind that students will be dismissed early on Wednesday and Thursday. Additionally, we have our walking field trip of Damascus on Friday.

In math we began calculating conversions between inches, yards and feet. The students are in need of more practice, so we will continue tomorrow. Tonight's homework is a centimeter measurement paper.

In reading we used text features to help us answer questions from Life in the Polar Regions. The students will also use the book to complete a graphic organizer as part of their independent work. We also began looking at the structure of a paragraph by comparing it to a hamburger. Students learned that every paragraph needs a topic and concluding sentence, as well as, detail sentences in between.

Following art, lunch and recess I will meet with reading groups while the students work on independent reading and writing activities.

Bears: We will read selected portions of the text and identify the main idea.

Tigers:We will finish reading Giraffes and identify the main idea in selected sections.

Lions: Students will reread Fisherman and his Wife and mark 3-4 places where they think a character does something important in the story. We will discuss these selections in group.

We will end the day with Mrs. Howard doing a lesson on Caring.

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