Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

In math we reviewed renaming units and identifying perimeter and area. I gave the class a quick "exit card" with two conversion problems to assess their current abilities. Then I pulled a small group to work on this skill based on the results of the exit card. For homework, students need to finish their classwork and they also have a conversion (renaming) worksheet.

We began reading by doing a shared reading about pollution. This piece of writing was on the overhead projector and we identified examples of cause and effect within the piece. Additionally, we noticed target words that let us know that we were reading examples of cause and effect. These words included, since, because, if...then, etc.

After that I modeled writing a paragraph as I finished my informational piece on running. Then we went to the computer lab where the students continued typing their personal narratives.

Following lunch and recess I met with small groups for reading and Mrs. Hepner continued working on writing.

Bears: We read up to page 11 and then practiced making words using a strategy called word chains. For homework the students need to reread pages 4-11.

Tigers: We read up to page 8 and practiced identify sentences within the text that answered questions I was asking orally. Tonight they need to read pages 8-11 and list 3 facts about 3 planets in their RRJ.

Lions: We shared their wish lists from last night. Then we continued our discussion from yesterday. Tonight they need to re answer the focus question at the bottom of page 28 using thoughts from our discussion and evidence from the text to support their answer. This will be scored.

We are ending the day by collecting data about our geography on the tally chart we prepared yesterday.

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