Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Some reminders...our walking field trip is this Friday. We will be back at school in time for lunch. Tomorrow and Thursday are early release days. Students will be going home at 1:00.

In math we created function tables to help us rename measurements (conversions) in inches, feet and yards. Then the students worked in small groups to determine which length was longer; 42 inches, 4 ft or 3 ft. 10 inches. The groups also had to explain how they determined their answer. It was so cool to see the different methods used to arrive at the same answer. Two groups shared their efforts with the class today. The rest will share tomorrow. There is a centimeter worksheet for homework tonight. We will have a quiz on THURSDAY this week!

We began reading using a book called A Tour of Our Planets to identify the information we gained via text features. Then the students chose a scored personal narrative, from the first marking period, to publish in the computer lab using Microsoft Word. We will be attempting to publish our writing in the hopes of binding it into a book at the end of the year.

I do have to take a moment to brag here...the students have been practicing many word processing skills, in the computer lab, over the past few weeks...it has paid off!!! They did a GREAT...not FABULOUS job typing up their stories!!! It was so cool to witness!!!! YEY!

Following lunch and recess I will meet with reading groups while the students work on their current rough drafts and the reading graphic organizer from yesterday.

Bears: We will identify example of cause and effect in their current book. They should reread it tonight.

Tigers: We will identify example of cause and effect in their current book. They should reread it tonight.

Lions: We will continue our discussion from yesterday...we were sharing their reasons for why they marked certain actions as important. Then they will get a focus question to answer in preparation for another discussion later this week.

We will end the day with a review of economics and then we will use our observations from last Thursday and create a tally chart of the types of geographic characteristics in our community.

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