Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, after changing jobs, we had our weekly class meeting.   During the group share the students identified differences in instruction between second and third grade.  After that we shared compliments.  Finally, during challenges we discussed the concept of Personalized Learning and issues with the coat closet.

After our meeting we began math rotations.  Today, during the teacher group, we compared fractions with the same numerator.  First we watched this video clip from Cyber Chase.  Then we used our fraction strips.  During guided practice the students played the card game War, using fraction cards with both numerical and pictorial representations.  Finally, at the technology rotation, the children identified equivalent fractions using the site called Equivalent Triplets.

There is a comparing fractions, with the same numerator, worksheet for HOMEWORK.

At the beginning of our reading and writing block I reviewed and handed out a two sided worksheet with guidelines for the realistic fiction picture book.  Then I shared the story board for the rough draft.

Today's independent work included reading group assignments, watching the Kate Shelley literary non-fiction story and working on their inquiry project.  The project tasks included watching a couple of Learn Zillion lessons and then beginning their rough draft.

First, I continued conferencing with individual students on their picture book plans.  Then I met with reading groups.

Sharks:  The children finished reading chapter 3 independently.  In group we discussed chapter 3 and read chapter 4.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread chapter 4.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued with their independent work.  I conferenced with a couple more students and then met with more reading groups.

Dolphins:  The students reread Good Friends and added three more contractions, from the story, to their chart in their RRJ.  IN group we reviewed the contractions and then the students marked places in the book, with sticky notes, where Froggy and Duck were being good friends.  After that, I reviewed the characteristics of a well written BCR response (sentence 1 - answer the question, sentence2 & 3  - name and explain examples or support from text, sentence 4 - concluding sentence or an "I think" statement).  Finally we practice answering a question about the theme of the book, orally, and I wrote down a framework they can use tomorrow.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread Good Friends and practice reading their word bag cards.

Cheetahs:  The students reread chapter 20 preparing for a discussion about the two quarrels in this chapter.  In group we reviewed their lists of unknown words and identified the arguments and the effects on the kids.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 21 and list unknown words.

Pandas:  The students read chapter 19 and prepared to discuss the next part of the plan.  In group we shared the need for the children to locate Uncle Victor because they were certain that the Nazi's had discovered the gold being buried in the ground.  For HOMEWORK they need to read chapter 20.  Before breaking from our group, I discussed the concept of a concentration camp to prepare the students for their reading this evening.

We ended the day with science.  The students worked with their group to analyze their data from yesterday's experiment and determine which material kept the water warmer, longer.  We also shared ideas to explain inaccuracies in our data.

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