Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Is it too much to hope that we have seen the last of the snow for this season???
This morning the students began their day in art making clay pinch pots.

When they returned to class we began our math rotations.  During the teacher led instruction, the students used Cuisenaire rods to determine that the unit whole MUST be the same in order to compare two fractions.  In fact, we found examples, using the colored pieces, to prove that 1/2 and 1/4 can equal and 1/2 can be less than 1/4.

During guided practice, the children played Fraction Tic Tac Toe.  In order to win they had to arrange the pieces on the board in order from least to greatest (or vice versa).

Finally, at the technology rotation, the students compared fractions using the Cyber Chase site, Melvin's Make a Match.

For HOMEWORK there is a follow up worksheet from today's small group lesson.  It is 2 sided.  The backside is optional for some but required for others.

During our reading and writing block the students focused on independent reading group assignments and completing the rough draft (storyboard) for their realistic fiction picture book.  Before meeting with reading groups, I met with several students to review and revise their rough drafts.

Sharks:  We finished reading chapter 5 and discussed the quote, from page 38, "Freedom means you are free to have different opinions."  Then we began reading chapter 6.

Following lunch and  outdoor recess the students continued their independent work while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  First we reviewed the blended sounds produced when the vowels e, a and u are followed by an r (think -er, -ar and -ur).  Then I did a book introduction for their new fantasy book, Elephant and Tiger.  Finally the students whisper read the book as I listened in.

Cheetahs:  The students reread chapter 23 and came to group prepared to discuss whether they think the father survives, after the story is over, and provide evidence from the text to support their thinking.  In group we discussed this and then turned our attention to the theme of the book, never give up or perseverance.

Pandas:  The students read chapter 22.  We will discuss this chapter tomorrow in class.

Before moving on to science, I assigned the CULTURE POSTER PROJECT that is due next Monday.  Please look for the explanation in your child's folder this evening.

Finally, in science, the students were put into small groups to begin designing a container that will keep a Popsicle (or ice cube) from melting.  Today we focused on identifying the problem (keeping the cold energy inside the container) and creating a design.

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