Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday...End of the 3rd Marking Period

While it is hard to believe the end of the third marking period has arrived, I am glad it has!  I am looking forward to nine weeks of instruction with few interruptions!!  :-)

Needless to say, today was a finish up kind of day!  But before getting to the assignments that needed to be completed and turned in, the children enjoyed two specials, back to back.  First they visited the media center.  This was a make up lesson due to missing class on Monday for testing.  Then they went to their regular music class.

When they returned to class, the students focused on completing their realistic fiction picture book,  their hand map and the science experiment packet.  Additionally, students participated in PARCC testing (yes, the glitches were finally fixed), in small groups.

I met with individual students who needed assistance with the above mentioned tasks.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued their push to finishing up all assignments while I met with individual students and the Panda reading group.

Pandas:  The students read chapter 30, the final one, independently.  In group we discussed the internal struggled Peter faced as he sailed to America.  Then we identified the theme of the novel using support from the text.

We ended the day with a gallery walk so students could get a close up view of their peers' Culture Posters.

NO school for students tomorrow.

Quarter 4 begins Monday!

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