Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thriving Thursday

Today being our flip-flop day, we began with math rotations.  Students practiced drawing circle models to compare fractions with like denominators or numerators during the teacher session.  In guided practice the children played Fraction War, again.  Finally, at the technology rotation they watched a Learn Zillion lesson about comparing fractions with the same numerator or denominator.

After math the class went to music.  When they returned, we reviewed the independent work assignments, including new reading group tasks.  Then I conferenced with individual students, to work on their writing, and met with reading groups, while the class worked on reading group assignments, and their inquiry projects.

Sharks:  The students reread chapter 4, prior to coming to group.  In group we practiced writing about the main idea of chapter 4.  The students orally rehearsed each sentence.  Then they used the word bank we created on the white board and wrote a response in their RRJ.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we continued with independent work and small groups.

Dolphins:  The students wrote about the theme of Good Friends using their book and the framework we created in group yesterday.  We will begin a new book tomorrow.

Cheetahs:  The students read chapter 22 and listed unknown words. In group we reviewed their lists from class work today and last night's homework.  Then we recounted the events in these two chapters.  We will finish the novel tomorrow, in class.

Pandas:  The students reread chapter 20 and wrote a title, and explained their choice, in their RRJ.


We ended the day by reviewing how culture is shared.  The students completed a written task reflecting their knowledge.

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