Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trying Tuesday

So the day began with the class going to the computer lab to take the second session of the reading PARCC.  Most students tried to log in several times and continually got kicked out by the computer software.

After a few attempts with different groupings and log-in processes, we returned to class.

With some "found" time we took full advantage!!!  The rest of the morning was spent publishing the realistic fiction picture books and completing hand maps.  I worked with several individual students on revisions and publishing.

Following lunch and indoor recess, the students continued their efforts towards finishing the two tasks from above.  I met with the Panda reading group.

Pandas:  The children had read chapter 27 yesterday.  In group we identified the problem and how Peter saved the gold.  Then we discussed whether or not we would have brave enough to throw a snowball at the commandant.  Then we read and discussed chapter 28.

Due to the testing schedule the children ended their day in art. 

There is NO HOMEWORK tonight.

Class pictures are tomorrow.

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