Friday, March 21, 2014

Fantastic Friday

The children began their day in PE with Mr. Lee. 

When they returned to class they took a quiz on fractions.  These have been scored and returned to students.  It is expected to be stored in the math section of the binder.  Please look it over.

After math we moved on to our reading and writing block.  The focus, until the end of the marking period, is completing the realistic fiction picture book.  Today, I demonstrated, and typed up direction for, how to created a picture using Pixie and import it into the text of the book in Word.

While students worked on reading group assignments and their realistic fiction picture books, I conferenced with individual students on their writing pieces and met with reading groups.

Sharks:  We met and quickly reviewed the concept of cause and effect.  Then we began reading and identified an example of cause and effect from chapter 7.  We added it to the chart in our RRJ that we created yesterday.  We will continue with this on Monday

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued working while I met with more students and groups.

Pandas:  We met for a while!  :-)  The students read chapter 25 and were prepared to discuss why the children had built snowmen (so they stood out in the dark when Uncle Victor wanted to find the hidden gold).  Then we read chapter 26 in group and spent time using context clues to figure out unknown words and explain the meaning of figurative language in this section.  Finally, we began discussing the theme.

I had intended to stop the reading and writing block in order to complete our hand island maps that we started yesterday but the students were working so intently, I didn't have the heart to do so.  Well, actually, I did explain this to the class and let them vote.

So, we decided the map will be added to independent work during the reading and writing block and the students continued working on their picture books for the remainder of the day.

A few reminders:

Our class will be taking the PARCC reading assessment Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning next week.

The social studies culture projects are DUE on Monday.

Class picture day is Wednesday.

No school next Friday.  It is a grading and reporting teacher work day.

About the social studies project--students were given some time in class to work on this but it was primarily a HOMEWORK assignment.  The students only need to turn in a poster.  The questions on the worksheet were meant as a guide or organizer to help them create their poster.  It should not be handed in.

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