Monday, March 31, 2014

Marvelous Monday---Quarter 4 Begins!

Wow!  Time is FLYING!  It is so hard to believe that the final marking period begins today!!!

The students began their day in the media center.  When they returned to class we began our math rotations.

This week we will focus on solving 2 step word problems and memorizing the basic multiplication facts.

During the teacher led lesson we used a chart identifying Lana's income for the month of April to help solve 2 step word problems.  Before we began, though, we reviewed the concepts  of a budget, income, savings and expenses.  As we solved the word problems, we used a t-chart to identify our knowns and unknowns.  We also assigned different variables to each unknown.

The students have a worksheet for HOMEWORK that mirrors our small group lesson.  I expect for some to struggle.  PLEASE have your child do the best that he/she can and then stop if, and when, they reach frustration.  I just want to see what they retained from group.  Homework is NEVER graded.  :-)

During guided practice and the technology rounds the students focused on memorizing basic multiplication facts.  At guided practice they created a multiplication sentence by rolling two dice.  Then they identified the product and wrote the 3 remaining number sentences for the fact family.

The iPads were used during the technology rotation so students could practice their basic facts while playing Invasion of the Moon Monkeys.

After math we launched into our reading and writing block.  As it is the beginning of a new marking period, I had a lot to present to the students. 

We will be studying the literary genre of Traditional Tales.  The students viewed a Power Point explaining traditional tales as stories passed down from generation to generation that began as spoken language.  They also received a chart identifying the characteristics of folktales, myths, legends and fables.  This resource should be kept in the reading section of their binder and referred to as necessary.

I also introduced the quarter 4 issues inquiry project.  Students will be choosing an issue with two obvious sides.  They will first research both sides of the issue and write informative paragraphs to share their findings.  Then they will choose a side and write an opinion paragraph explaining why they feel as they do. 

Students were given a planning packet today.  This packet and resources the students will use in the near future can be found on the third grade web site on the Inquiry Project page.

Independent work assignments included vocabulary entries for some reading groups.  Students also chose their issue for the inquiry project and listed an background knowledge they had.  Finally, the students listed questions they had before watching the folk tale, Jack and the Giant Barbeque.

Cheetahs:  We met first so I could handout and review the new vocabulary chart I've shared with other groups.  Then the students completed an entry for the word clever.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students had a brief period of time to continue their independent work.  Then we were treated to an assembly. 

The assembly was a biologist visiting with some of his animals, including, 2 bats, an owl and a sloth!  You can see the sloth if you follow me on Twitter (@runnerdana).

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