Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thriving Thursday

Right off the bat I want to mention that we WILL be participating in MSA MATH testing tomorrow and Monday mornings!!!

With that said--today was a regular day...and it is flip-flop Thursday.  So, we began with math rotations.

The teacher rotation used an index card to identify and label equivalent fractions on a number line.  We folded the card and labeled the fractions in different colors prior to identifying and labeling points on the number line in the childrens' math journals.

During the guided practice rotation the students played Go, Darth, again.  This was the equivalent fraction version of the card game, Go Fish.

Finally, during the technology rotation the students visited the Targeting Equivalent Fractions web site.

After math, the students went to music.  Upon returning to class the students worked on completing the character analysis graphic organizer and Thomas Edison biography while I met with small groups.

The first group I met with was the final math rotation group.  Then I moved on to reading groups.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed chapter 16.  We discussed the problem and the reactions of the characters and defined unknown words.

Pandas:  In group we read and discussed chapter 17.  Special attention was paid to how the doctor kept the Germans from evaluating the sick people and the problem at the end of the chapter (Peter's feeling of being watched).

Following lunch and indoor recess, Mrs. Howard visited to do a lesson about test taking strategies.  After that, we viewed a Power Point presentation on culture and how it is shared.  Then the students worked in small groups to create a poster indicating ways that culture is shared.

Due to testing tomorrow, there is no formal homework.  It is always a good idea for students to read every night.  If you are looking for a way to reinforce math skills, visit the third grade web site!

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