Monday, March 24, 2014

Marvelous Monday

This morning our class began taking the PARCC reading assessment.  As this is new to MCPS, there were a few challenges along the way.  I was SO very proud of our children.  They were persistent and tenacious.  They didn't give up or complain even though they spent a lot of time sitting and waiting quietly.  In fact, most of the students got kicked out of the assessment (by the computer) repeatedly, so they never finished it.  NO worries about that, though, MCPS is aware!  :-)

What is important is that the children were AWESOME!

When we finally got back to class, the students shared their culture project.  I can honestly say they all did an excellent job!!!

Following lunch and indoor recess the students worked on publishing their realistic fiction picture books and completing their hand maps.

Pandas:  The children read chapter 27.

Sharks:  I met with a couple of students to informally assess their reading.  The child read aloud and then silently.  Finally, they answered a few oral comprehension questions.

Dolphins:  The children reread Elephant and Tiger.  Then we discussed character traits.  I gave them a list of traits to keep in their binder.  Then each child selected a character from the book and picked a trait from the list that matched.  Orally we discussed two examples from the text that supported the trait.  Finally, the students used a framework we developed together so that they could write about the character trait and two supporting details from the book, in their RRJ.

At the end of the day the children continued building the containers to keep the ice cube (Popsicle) from melting.  Some groups began testing and observing the results.  There is a picture on twitter!!

NO HOMEWORK tonight!!

Class picture day is Wednesday.

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