Monday, October 1, 2012

Marvelous Monday - Q1 Interim Reports

This morning we began our day with a class meeting.  We began with a group share where each student finished the sentence, "I hope that..."  After that we shared compliments and discussed challenges.

Next, I introduced some new independent work activities, including word of the week (WOW).  Each week the children will be introduced to a new word and they will create a cartoon to show they understand its meaning.  This will be part of their vocabulary grade.  This week's word is strive, to try very hard.

Then I introduced another writing assignment.  The children will be choosing one of their morning work entries and developing it into a personal narrative that we be graded for capitalization of proper nouns, the use of both complex and simple sentences and organization (topic sentence, detail sentences and concluding sentence).

Before modeling a personal narrative, I explained the organization of a well written paragraph by comparing it to a hamburger.  The topic and concluding sentences are like the top and bottom buns...similar in make up and they hold the hamburger (or paragraph) together.  The insides are the juicy, yummy part...they give the details and elaborate on the topic.

Before moving into independent work, we identified how good readers ask questions in their mind before, during and after they read.  These questions help to keep the reader focused and engaged with the text.  We practiced noticing our questions as we read portions of the book, How Bikes Work.

While I meet with reading groups today the children will write a rough draft for their new personal narrative, complete a cartoon for the new WOW word (strive) and continue using Live Binder to complete the graphic organizer for the community action plan.

Reading Groups
Yellow Jackets:  We reread and discussed chapter 4 in group.  We also shared the questions the children wrote as they read the chapter independently last week.

I also had a chance to meet with a small group to work on their writing.  We focused on catchy titles and inviting topic sentences.

In math we began calculating the area of a figure by counting the squares inside it.  The lesson focused on area being the space inside a figure and that it is always measured and reported in SQUARE units.

The students worked on a practice worksheet and went to anchor activities while Mrs. Head and I pulled small groups.  Small groups focused on rounding three digit numbers and subtraction by decomposing base ten blocks.

HOMEWORK:  All students have an area worksheet AND a subject and predicate worksheet.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will continue working independently while I meet with more small groups.

Cheetahs:  We reread and discussed chapter 3 and then shared the questions they listed as they read the chapter independently last week.

Sharks:  I collected the Trip to Freedom books and gave a book talk about their next book, Shoeshine Girl.

Snakes:  We didn't meet due to my meeting.

The day will end with a science lesson.  We will define the idea of a variable (a factor in an experiment).  Then the students will work in table groups choosing an object and a surface they will determine variables that can be changed on both the object and the surface that will effect the speed at which the object moves.

PLEASE check your child's home folder EVERY should be your child's responsibility to unpack it and give you the papers.  Tonight you will find your child's interim progress report.  This is for you to keep.

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