Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunny Monday

We began our day with a class meeting.  First, we had a group share where we all shared what we like to do in our free time.  After that, the children shared compliments they had for their class mates.  Then, we discussed the following directions clip chart that we began implementing last week.  At that time, students who followed directions got to choose a treat out of the prize box.

In reading we began analysing an article called, "Smoking Stinks" to determine the main idea.  Today we focused on using the headings to highlight explicit information in the article.  Tomorrow we will begin identifying implicit information that we can infer from reading it.

Writing focused on using our second hamburger model to write a rough draft of the second paragraph of our community action piece.  We also learned about verbs...both action and linking.  To introduce the concept I showed this video.

While I meet with reading groups the students will write the rough drafts for their second paragraph, complete individual reading group assignments and then finish exploring Toontastic.

Reading Group
Sharks:  We reread pages 30-32 and discussed examples of inferences in that section.  Then we began reading, "The Shoeshine Man".  The will finish reading the chapter, "The Shoeshine Man", independently and list unknown words in class.  TONIGHT they will reread "The Shoeshine Man" and draw a picture of the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.

In math I taught the rules for multiplying by 0 and 1.  In short, any number times 0 equals 0 and any number times 1 = itself.  Then I taught the students how to use number lines and skip counting to illustrate and solve multiplication problems.  Check out the lesson here.

I also introduced two games that practiced working with multiplication and division.  These games will be available to students as anchor activities, after they have finished their assigned work.

Students worked independently on a number line worksheet.  Homework is a fact worksheet.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued their independent work while I met with more groups.

Yellow Jackets:  We quickly reviewed chapter 11 and began reading and discussing chapter 12 using visualization to strengthen our comprehension.  Independently the students finished reading chapter 12 and drew pictures of the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.  For homework they need to reread chapter 12 and write a summary in their RRJ.

Cheetahs:  Independently the students read chapter 10 and listed unknown words.  IN group we reviewed the unknown words and discussed the irony of Ben having so many dragons (things he is scared of) and then wanting to go up into the trapped door to investigate the attic.  For homework they need to read chapter 11 and draw the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.

Snakes:  Independently (and for some, for homework) the students had to answer the questions in the back of their book in their RRJ.  In group we discussed how the book was organized and new ways we could organize it.

We ended the day by reviewing the concepts of businesses, goods and services.  Then we looked at a Power Point and discussed the goods and/or services provided by each business. Finally, we looked at pictures of an ancient Roman bakery and kitchen and identified the goods and services we thought might have been provided in each.

RED RIBBON WEEK begins tomorrow.  ALL students are encouraged to wear something red to school!!

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