Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday...kind of like a Friday!

Remember... there is no school today is kind of like a Friday!  :-)

The children began their day in art.  After art, I used last night's homework to do a lesson about using alphabetic order and guide words to determine whether or not a word is listed on a particular page.  After that, I modeled how to use the hamburger graphic organizer to write a rough draft of the first paragraph in the writing notebook.

While I met with small groups, the children completed the rough draft of their first paragraph, corrected "pink" words in their classwork and added them to their personal dictionary and further explored the iPad app, "Toontastic".

This morning my small group was working with students who had not completed their paragraph one hamburger model.

In math we took a quiz.  The quiz has been scored and should be in the math section of your child's binder.  After the quiz, I showed the students a web site for virtual manipulatives and demonstrated how they can use it in school, and at home, to help solve a variety of math problems.  Check it out here or on the web sites used in class page!

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students continued working on their independent work assignments.  I had planned on meeting with all reading groups, unfortunately, the children were not completing their assignments and trying to skip over things in order to get to the electronics...go figure!  SO, I spent A LOT of time, checking up on work...over and over again...I was quite cranky! 

I was able to meet with one group, though.

Cheetahs:  We discussed the expectations for assignments and the need to read the feedback I provide on assignments.  I gave students a chance to redo their last assignment and turn it in.

We ended the day by racing our vehicles and discussing how the variables affected the speed and distance that each travelled.  I took pictures on the iPad and am currently trying to upload them.  However, due to the securities put in place by MCPS, I am meeting with many challenges.

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