Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Hump Day

This morning the students began their day in the media center.  Mrs. Rose taught them how to use an online resource called SIRRS Discover to further research their community action plan.

When they returned to class we continued to identify examples of cause and effect in How Bikes Work.  Then we revisited the Power Point from last week to review sentence fluency and the three types of sentences.  Simples sentences are sentences that don't use conjunction.  Compound sentences used conjunctions such as and, or or but.  Complex sentences use conjunctions such as after, before or because.

While I pull reading groups the students will revisit their writing and identify examples of all three types of sentences in their writing.  If they have not included one of the sentence types, they will revise their piece accordingly.  They will also complete individual reading group assignments.

Reading Groups
Sharks:  I handed out the novel Shoeshine Girl.  The children read chapter 1 and listed unknown words.

In math we reviewed multiplication as repeated addition.  Then we used multiplication to identify the area of rectangles.  While students worked on an independent practice worksheet, Mrs. Head and I pulled small groups.  Groups focused on adding three digit numbers, subtracting three digit numbers and rounding to the nearest ten.

HOMEWORK for ALL students:  Area worksheet AND students are supposed to read their personal narrative rough draft to an adult and make revisions.  I am looking for a topic, at least 3 detail and a concluding sentence.  Also, students must have at least 1 simple, 1 compound and 1 complex sentence.  Parents must sign (or initial) the top of the rough draft indicating they heard it.

Following lunch and recess I will be at an in-house meeting.  The students will continue their independent work and reading groups will be pulled.

Yellow Jackets:  They will read chapter 5 and draw the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.  In group, they will share their drawings and practice giving a summary (orally) of the chapter.

Cheetahs:  They will read chapter 4 paying special attention to page 30.  Then, using page 30, they will draw a picture of how Ben sees Gully.  In group they will share their picture of Gully and explaining why they drew what they did.

Snakes:  They reread their book and listed double vowel words, from the book in their RRJ.  In group they will reread the book, share their lists of words and review the rule that when two vowels go walking,  the first one does the talking.

The day will end with a social studies lesson.  Each child will be given a social studies journal.  They will begin by listing places of business and then identify if they think the business provides a good or a service.

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