Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

The children began their day by visiting the media center.  Today, I tagged along to help Mrs. Rose introduce a multimedia project the students will be doing using their community action research and the iPads.

When we returned to the classroom the children continued working on the first slide of their presentation.  This slide will include their opinion statement, the names of the group members and a logo that they drew using another iPad app and imported into this slide.

After our warm up in math, we reviewed last night's homework in order to review the process of solving multiplication word problems.  Then we examined how to solve division word problems.  You can view that lesson here.  While the students worked independently on  a few division word problems, I met with a small group to work on multiplication word problems and Mrs. Head worked with a small group on division word problems.  There is a division word problem worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and recess the students continued working on their multi media presentation.  They began their second slide where they stated and explained the problem.  They also included photos from the web and added animation to both of their slides.

We ended the day by sharing our presentations so far and troubleshooting many issues.

Picture day is Friday.
If you haven't sent in the $3 donation for our Halloween party, please do so.
Tomorrow is crazy hair day for Red Ribbon Week.

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