Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, after visiting the media center, we read a portion of a non-fiction text and practiced making inferences and identified both state of mind words and synonyms.  Then I showed the students how to use the thesaurus to find synonyms for words that are over used in their writing.

Next, I modeled how to write a concluding sentence for the second paragraph of the community actions research paper.

Finally, I introduced an iPad app called Toontastic.  This app guides the students to create a story, complete with illustrations and music, with the correct components of a story.

While I met with small groups the students wrote a concluding sentence for the second paragraph of their community action plan paper.  They also completed reading group assignments.  Finally, they explored Toontastic with assigned partners.

Reading Groups
Sharks:  We met and reviewed the beginning, middle and end of "On the Avenue".  Independently, they used our group discussion, their beginning, middle and end drawings, and the text to write a summary of the chapter.

In math we used a 100s chart to identify patterns when counting by 2s and10s.  Then we looked at a multiplication table and applied our knowledge of patterns to the multiplication chart to see how we can use the patterns to memorize the basic multiplication facts for 2s and 10s.

There is a 2s worksheet for homework.

After enjoying lunch and recess the children continued their independent work while I met with reading groups.

Reading Groups
Yellow Jackets:  Independently the students reread chapter 10 and answered the question, in their RRJ, "How does Kyle change from the beginning to the end of this chapter?"  In group we reviewed the expectations for the response to this BCR (identify how Kyle was at the beginning, and then at the end PLUS explain what made him change).  Then we read and discussed chapter 11.

Cheetahs:  The students read chapter 9, independently, and listed unknown words.  In group, we reviewed and discussed these words.

Snakes:  Independently, the students read the questions listed in the back of their book and located the answers, marking them with sticky notes.  In group we reviewed the answers to the questions orally.

ALL students were given a guide word worksheet for homework.  This homework may be a bit challenging for the children.  We discussed this in class.  Please encourage them to do their best, so they can figure out what confuses them.  WE will go over the answers in class tomorrow and I will answer all questions.

We ended the day with the children working in groups to finish their wheel covers.  Those who did tested their vehicles out on their chosen surface and made adjustments where they felt they were needed.

If you have not returned the conference slip please do so ASAP.

We will have a math quiz tomorrow...the only new addition will be division.

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