Friday, September 28, 2012

TGIF - early dismissal

After beginning their day in music, the students returned to class to review base words, prefixes and suffixes.  We discussed the idea that breaking an unknown word apart and knowing the meaning of the root (or base) word and it's prefix and/or suffix, can help you comprehend it.  Then the students formed groups with students based upon the root word in the word cards they were given.  In their group they used the definition of the base word and knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to identify the meaning of the new word and then use it, correctly, in a sentence.

Next, we watched a Power Point slide show that defined and gave examples of conjunctions, simple sentences and complex sentences.

Then we took our weekly math quiz.

After eating lunch, the children will pack up and get ready for dismissal.

In case you are curious, teachers stay at school on early dismissal days to grade and plan for instruction!  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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