Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after going to art, we revisited the book Tonight is Carnival and charted the key details in the book.  After that we analyzed these details and determined the common thread that tied them together.  This became the main idea or central message in the text.  Then we reviewed nouns and defined plural nouns as more than one person place or thing.

Independent work, today, included; revisiting their personal narrative rough draft and circling plural nouns in their writing, completing individual reading group assignments from yesterday and revisiting the story Crow Boy and listing key details in their RRJ.

In the middle of reading we had our first shelter in place (code blue/code red) practice.  The entire class did very well and there was no obvious signs of anxiety!

In math we reviewed writing area equations as both repeated addition and multiplication.  Then we moved onto constructing related rectangles with the same area.  The students were shown two different methods; one using tiles they could move around and the other being this link.  While the children practiced constructing related rectangles with the same area and drawing them on graph paper, Mrs. Head and I met with small groups.  Small groups worked n addition and subtraction strategies.

There is a math worksheet for homework tonight and we will have a math quiz tomorrow!

After lunch and outdoor recess we had a guest speaker come in and speak to the class about Homelessness and our school's upcoming Homeless Walk.

After that we watched a video called, "businesses where we Work, Live and Play.  Then the students created a t-chart in their journals listing businesses and the goods and/or services they provide.

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