Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Following a visit to the media center, we worked on identifying key details in the text The Story of the Philadelphia Mint in order to determine the main idea.  We used a graphic organizer created in Word.  So, not only did the students get practice in distinguishing between important key details and interesting facts, they also learned how to toggle between two open items (the text and the Word document) and how to copy text from one document and paste onto another.

After that, I modeled how to take information from the "What do they need to do?" section of their community action graphic organizer and turn it into complete sentences on their writing planning sheet.

While I meet with small groups the students will write details #2 and #3 on their writing planning sheet.  They will also complete individual reading group assignments.  Finally, they will work their way through a tutorial for the Ipad App called Key Note. 

Reading Groups
Sharks:  We reread the chapter titled, "Rossi" and discussed the main events in the beginning and middle of the chapter.  For homework the children need to reread pages 14-17 and state the main event on the sticky note they were given.

While reviewing the students' math homework, I noticed that there are still some struggling with arrays.  Additionally, based on my small groups, I am aware that some children are struggling with the two step subtraction word problems.  Therefore, I captured both of these "mini" lessons as I reviewed today's math warm up withe the students.  They can be accessed through the above links or by going to the lessons page of the blog.

After that, I read a book called Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream and we identified examples of multiplication within the story.  Then the students worked on the top half of a multiplication worksheet while Mrs. Head and I worked with small groups.  My group practiced solving two step subtraction problems.  Mrs. Head's book used the book from whole group to identify a multiplication situation, write an equation for the situation and find the product by drawing an array.

For homework all students need to finish the multiplication worksheet.

After enjoying lunch and recess the students continued their independent work and I met with reading groups.

Yellow Jackets:  Independently they read chapter 7 and wrote a question about the chapter.  In group, we shared their questions to quiz each other about our comprehension of the chapter.  Then we had a great discussion about two of the characters and what they knew and when they knew was so much fun!  For homework they need to read chapter 8 and write a question to ask in group tomorrow.

Cheetahs:  Independently they read chapter 6 and added details to their Venn diagram.  IN group we read 6 and discussed what they added to their diagram.  For homework they need to read chapter 7 and write 1 question to pose to their classmates in group tomorrow.

Snakes:  They wrote the answers to the questions in the back of their book, in their RRJ.

The day ended with the students working collaboratively in groups to build a vehicle using the instructions we reviewed yesterday.

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