Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

This morning the children began their day with PE.  After that, we identified examples of cause and effect in the book How Bikes Work.  Then we analyzed two personal narratives, written by classmates yesterday, looking for topic, detail and concluding sentences.

Independent work included the children working with partners to read a section of How Bikes Work and identifying an example of cause and effect.  They also reviewed their own writing pieces marking the topic, detail and concluding sentences...or adding them, if needed.

I had a meeting to attend, so I did not get to meet with reading groups.

In math the children learned how to use repeated addition to calculate the area of a rectangle.  I accidentally left the homework paper for class work.  Therefore, tonight's homework will not be labelled as such AND their marked classwork from today will say "homework" at the top...OOPS!

As a side note....I was still in a meeting during math.  It appears the children were guided to label their work as square units as opposed to square centimeters.  I corrected this on some papers until I realized that they were probably told to do this.  At that point, I began accepting either labels.  However, I would like the students to begin noticing what measurement units are being used and to label their answers accordingly.  :-)

Following lunch and indoor recess Mrs. Howard will stop by to do a counseling lesson about friendship.

Before Mrs. Howard came in, I handed out some language arts homework.  The students will be writing a sentence 4 different ways using the instructions at the top of the worksheet.  This will help the students practice identify the subject and predicate AND encourage them to write more descriptive sentences.

After Mrs. Howard left, the students continued their independent work and I had time to meet with one reading group.

Snakes:  I collected their earthworm book.  Then shared our experiences with being sick to activate our background knowledge for our next book.  After that, I did a book talk and picture walk through our next book, Celia and Ali.  This introduced the group to new words they will see in the book.  After that we listed words that rhymed with the word blouse and used our knowledge to correctly spell those words.  Finally, we began reading the book.  For homework they need to reread up to page 7.

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