Thursday, March 15, 2012


Due to MSA our schedule today has been tweaked a bit. This morning the students went to art at 9:30 instead of our usual 11:55 time. After that we had an extended math class.

In math we began with a warm up. Then we reviewed telling time to the nearest minute using the iPad app, "Telling Time" and white boards. After that, the children worked independently on a worksheet (telling time to the nearest minute) and then went to anchor activities, which included using the iPad app, "Telling Time". I met with two small groups. One group identified and named fractions. The other practiced telling time to the nearest minute. There is no homework tonight.

After math, e had time for some social studies. Our past few lessons have centered around identifying ways technology has changed our communities. We have read and discussed a book called, The Little House. We have also watched a movie. SO, today, the children are drawing two pictures of the same is a "before" technology picture and the other is "after".

Following lunch and recess, my reading class worked on their planning sheet for our next persuasive writing piece. Today they identified three facts to support their opinion and then used details to explain them. I was able to meet with three small groups (by writing topic) to help them with this. When they were finished they completed any unfinished work and read silently.

We ended the day with the children completing their before and after technology pictures from our social studies lesson earlier today.

Remember that we have the math MSA tomorrow morning!

Science projects are due March 28.

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